Our advantages for you

Filassistance has a multidisciplinary team serving its customers

Our multidisciplinary medical and psycho-social team supports people according to their life circumstances, from the simplest to the most complex.

Filassistance International's multidisciplinary medical and psycho-social team includes doctors, social workers and clinical psychologists, as well as occupational therapists and nursing consultants. We work in conjunction with support specialists specifically trained to be attentive to and detect situations of need, from the simplest to the most complex.
The team has all the expertise and know-how it needs to inform, advise, support and guide people according to their individual life circumstances.

How we intervene:
  • The social workers assess the resources and guide the person for the funding, for instance, of home care services ;
  • Among other things, the occupational therapists assess the necessary fitting out of the person's home and offer guidance during the work in tandem with the social worker. If such a situation concerns a couple, one of whom has a neurodegenerative disease, a clinical psychologist provides follow-up to the carer-patient couple.