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International Assistance Group

Active worldwide through partners - including Filassistance - and 53 assistance centres, International Assistance Group (IAG) offers a wide range of assistance services: medical evacuation, health, travel security, car repairs, home help, legal aid, etc.

Founded in 1992 by five European companies, IAG has expanded all over the world and now has 32 members, including Filassistance, as associate member, alongside Garantie Assistance for France.

More than 80 million policyholders are covered by IAG members, who employ more than 6,000 staff in 180 countries.

Focusing on assistance professions, the services cover the sectors of health, medical assistance, breakdown service and travel. The services are aimed at travellers (tourism and business) and expatriates in the four corners of the earth.

Local partners for global solutions
The IAG network has more than 730,000 service providers throughout the world, each having an intimate knowledge of their local territory, thereby giving our partners the benefit of their experience, and accordingly the guarantee of cover of a global group

The knowledge and local resources of IAG members enable Filassistance to implement a service offer that is… resolutely "International" in scope.